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Pool Deck Resurfacing Northwest Arkansas

You can have your old worn out pool deck repaired and/or resurfaced to the most elegant new look without tearing it apart. At NWA Concrete Floors, we offer satisfactory pool deck installation and resurfacing services that will forever mask the age of your pool.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to pool deck refinishing. It all depends on the current status and what you want to achieve. If you are bored of the dull grey concrete color, staining and stamping can help you create amazing decorations without spending a fortune. Most Pool Deck Resurfacing projects in Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, and Bella Vista are quite affordable and available in various budget-friendly plans based on your needs.

Stained Concrete Pool Deck

Staining is a popular technique used to decorate concrete floors and pool decks. It involves using acid stains or concrete dyes to create a dynamic floor with decorative properties. Staining offers many options including colors and bold graphics. You can choose your custom colors to create a unique pool deck different from any other in Northwest Arkansas. The vibrant colors range from translucent to opaque and you can also mimic natural stone, marble or even wood for something unique.

Pool Deck Refinishing Preparation

Surface preparation is the most critical process in any pool deck refinishing project. It is important to avoid contractors that rush into resurfacing without properly preparing the surface. This step is what ensures the resurfacing will last several more years before you need maintenance. Basically, we will repair any damages, cracks and pot holes before any resurfacing is done. This can be done with epoxy (especially for the joints) or cement mix for large cracks. Coating can only cover hairline-thin spaces. We will also cover the pool with a wide mask eliminating the need to drain it.

Can My Pool Deck Be Repaired or Will It Need To Be Replaced?

Where repair is involved, resurfacing will also be needed unless you are comfortable with conspicuous patches. All concrete will wear out at a certain point in its lifespan. When this happens, you will need repair, resurfacing or a new installation altogether. Repair generally involves patching up cracks and leveling the surface in readiness for coating or slab installation.

Resurfacing is all about the finish and may involve polishing coating or micro-topping to add color and texture. It is recommendable to repair your pool deck if it has evident cracks and seams that need sealing. Resurfacing can then create a modern magnificence to complete the look. At NWA, our goal is to install safe durable aesthetic pool decks that add value to the property.

We are available 24/7 and can be reached for any inquiries about pool deck refinishing or other concrete services.

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