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Concrete is durable and versatile, but without regular maintenance, floors can become stained, damage and begin to fade. We can refinish your concrete floors, driveways or patios for a fresh, new look.  

We start with a free consultation to get an idea of the aesthetic and goals of your project. We can re-polish chipped concrete or add texture to your existing space to get the look and feel that matches your vision. Next, we add stains and colors to your concrete and a sealant that locks in the colors and textures for years to come. Whether you'd like a commercial space re-finished or have a project for your home, our resurfacing adds value to your property without wasting materials or installing a whole new floor, driveway, patio or deck.

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing and Repair

Don't waste money or time on a whole new surface. Refinishing your concrete brings the original design back to life with a fast, affordable solution.

  • Durability

    Concrete floors are durable. We advise you on the best practices to maintain your newly resurfaced concrete to ensure stains, sealants and polishes last. Whether you have a chipped driveway that needs restaining or your floors are dull and worn, we bring life back into your old concrete to make it look new.

  • Decorative

    Tired of plain concrete patios and floors? Looking for a new look? We use diamond pads to grind down and remove the top layer of your old floors and surfaces, polishing them to the level of gloss you desire. Next, we can add stains or patterns to your concrete for a brand new look.

  • Energy Efficient

    Instead of installing brand new surfaces or covering your old concrete with tile or carpet, we re-use your concrete surface for a brand new look and feel. Concrete is reflective, bringing more natural light into your space. It also absorbs heat or cold to help maintain energy bills through the summer and winter.

  • Water Resistance

    We apply densifiers and coatings that lock in stains and polishes. These also prevent scratches and absorption of liquids, making concrete a great solution for garages, kitchens, and commercial or industrial spaces. 

  • Low Maintenance

    Your newly refinished floors or surfaces are easy to maintain. We advise you on the best practices for cleaning & care to ensure you get the most out of your floors.

  • Concrete is hypo-allergenic, comes in a huge variety of styles, a "green" solution for flooring and tough as hell. If you're looking for the most effective flooring for your money, choose a modern concrete surface that will last for years.

Resurfaced Concrete Decks & Patios


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Stained concrete is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We use coatings and solutions that lock in your new stains that extend the life of your new floors, driveways or patios. The process of refinishing is fast and an affordable alternative to replacement. Bring your concrete floors back to life with NWA Concrete Floors.

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At NWA Concrete Floors, we have been installing commercial & residential polished and stained concrete floors for over 10 years. If you're looking for local professionals, give us a call today!

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Whether you need commercial polishing, re-staining, stripping or a whole new design for your floors or patios, NWA Concrete Floors has the expertise for your next project. We professionally refinish your concrete for a brand new floor. Call today for a FREE quote. We will work with you to determine the best options based on your needs.

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