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Commercial Stained Concrete Floors Northwest, AR

Concrete staining is among the popular techniques contractors use to increase both longevity and aesthetic appeal of concrete flooring. Its application is evident in most commercial outlets ranging from businesses to restaurants, offices and industrial facilities. Staining basically involves using acid stains and concrete dyes to add texture, durability and different color schemes. The stain used penetrates the concrete initiating chemical reactions that result in the intended shade.

At NWA Concrete Floors, we strive to offer the best commercial stained concrete available for Northwest Arkansas businesses.

  • Retail Shops
  • Kitchens
  • Factories
  • Machine Shops
  • Industrial Floors
  • Food Industry and Restaurant Floors
  • Auto Shops
  • Medical Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Hotel Flooring
  • Warehouse Flooring

Concrete Staining Benefits

The benefits of concrete staining are quite obvious and straightforward. Besides removing the annoying grey concrete color, staining offers several benefits including:

  • Durability

    In addition to altering the concrete’s color, staining ensures your floor suffers no discoloration, fading, chipping or peeling. Concrete is also generally very durable compared to other materials used in commercial flooring. Our stained concrete is known to be very resilient to daily wear and tear even when installed in places that witness heavy foot and/or equipment traffic.

  • Attractive

    Our team of experts can help you install the most elegant stained concrete in your commercial outlet. Whether you want something reminiscent of plush marble and quartz flooring or just need to enliven the grey surface by adding a new tone, NWA Concrete Floors has your best interests at heart. The aesthetic appeal of stained concrete is simply undeniable.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Staining comes with the ability to store both heat and cold. Stained concrete floors can gradually release heat/cold back to the space cutting the load of energy appliances. Although you will not notice significant change immediately, the long-term impact will be well evident as you pay a fraction of your earlier energy bills.

  • Low Maintenance

    One great thing about commercial stained concrete floors is they are very easy to clean and maintain. When handled by experts, stained floors require low maintenance like occasional polishing in high traffic areas.

  • There are several other benefits of stained concrete including water resistance, seamless indoor-outdoor transition and affordability. Budgets range from $2 to $20+ per square feet depending on the project’s size and complexity.

Types of Stain

There are two main types of stains used by contractors to provide the incredible range of options.

Acid Stains

acid stained concrete patio

Acid stained concrete use acid-soluble metallic salts, water and hydrochloric acid. The solution penetrates deep into the concrete slabs reacting with the hydrated lime. These create earthy shades of browns, greens and greys and soak deep into the slab.

Water-Based Dyes

Stained concrete patio in NWA

Also known as concrete dyes, water stains use a combination of acrylic polymers and pigments. They are also the most popular stains used in modern commercial places. Water-based stains have a wide variety of colors and effects.

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