17 Reasons Why Concrete Polishing NWA is Necessary for Your Home

It's time to shine! You may not know this, but your concrete floors are the first thing people see when they walk in your door. If your floor looks a little dull and scratched up, it can be challenging for guests to focus on anything else. This article will give you 14 reasons why you should polish your concrete floors!

Why are polished concrete floors important?

1. Rough surfaces like unpolished floors and walls attract dirt and dust particles like a magnet. Polished concrete floors help to seal your surface against penetration by foreign substances. With regular polishing, you will cut down on the frequency of cleaning dramatically.

2. Polished concrete floors help lower the wear and tear they experience daily. It is easy for rough surfaces to scratch against even the slightest contact, so polish your flooring regularly to protect its lifespan and retain its look and feel for more extended periods.

3. Polished concrete floors create a smoother surface, which is not as quickly marked by objects dragged across the floor. Polished floors do not pick up dirt and dust as much as unpolished floors, so cleanup is less work overall. There is no need to sweep or vacuum as often as you might have done if your feet were not polished.

4. A polished concrete floor also attracts fewer spills of all kinds, so they tend to be less stained than unpolished floors. If you spill something, such as a hot beverage, on a polished surface, it may cause minimal damage, but compare that to what would happen if you spilled the same liquid on unpolished flooring. The liquid would seep into the rough surface and cause staining that might be difficult to remove.

5. With regular concrete polishing NWA, you can reduce slips and falls dramatically in commercial buildings like factories, shops, or retail units. Although most accidents happen due to wet conditions on floors rather than dusty ones, it is worth noting that polished floors do

6. A smooth, stained concrete surface is less susceptible to damage from the penetration of oil, dirt, and other substances that can cause permanent staining as well as severe damage to the finish.

7. Stained concrete enhances the look of your floor. It does not affect color in any way but instead brings out the natural beauty of your concrete flooring by masking stains and scratches that accumulate over time. A good cleaning with a suitable product before polishing will help to bring out the best in your stained concrete flooring.

8. If you have expensive, delicate tile such as marble or slate in your home, a protective layer of wax can help to shield it from damage. A thick coat of polish on the floors gives them a lustrous glow that enhances the look of any room.

9. Concrete and stone floors seem natural in any well-designed house. However, they can be very slippery when wet or polished with an insufficient coat of wax or too little time between coats for the polish to dry. An unpolished floor can be hazardous for children and older adults, creating a dangerous fall or slip-and-fall situation. Stained concrete floors are one of the best options.

10. There's no reason to keep polishing your floor month after month, year after year. Continued polishing does not increase the luster of your floor. It eliminates the protective layer. Polishing at least twice a year regularly will help you get longer-lasting results.

11. A smooth, polished floor surface makes it easier for you to sweep and vacuum debris from your floor. Dust and dirt quickly glide across a sealed surface so they can be easily collected by your broom or vacuum cleaner without scratching or dulling the finish on your flooring material.

12. Over time, coats of polish can dry out, and some dust may become trapped that forms over time - even though there is no visible sign of dust. When you sweep or vacuum, this dust is recirculated into the air in your home. The longer it stays on your concrete floor - whether sealed by wax or not - the more it will contribute to indoor air pollution. Polishing at least twice a year can help remove these pollutants from your concrete floor for cleaner air quality that improves your health and well-being.

13. Just as polishing enhances the appearance of any room, it also adds value to your home when you decide to put it up for sale. Potential buyers want attractive houses with clean, healthy environments.

14. A smooth coating helps prevent penetration by liquids, so surfaces stay cleaner longer with less effort after regular polishing.

15. Good concrete polishing NWA effectively fills up the pores in your flooring material, thus reducing dirt penetration and cleaning time. Regular polishing helps preserve its original look for more extended periods by bringing out the natural beauty of any flooring.

16. Landlords and potential buyers will take notice of a well-polished floor. Polished concrete surfaces reflect light and make rooms look brighter and more appealing. They also make it easier to clean up after pets or kids, which adds appeal as well.

17. If you have children or pets, or elderly or disabled, you may want to consider polishing your floors on a more regular basis. Children and the elderly are often the most vulnerable when slippery floors are involved. We all know accidents can happen to anyone at any time. So regular concrete polishing is essential for these people.

Tips on polishing concrete floors

Get advice from polished concrete flooring professionals about the proper method to clean and polish your finished floor surface. It is essential to know how much or how little abrasive needs to be used for the cleaning process. If you make a mistake, it can cause damage that requires more money for repairs. Some floors require different polishes; if the wrong type is used, your floors could suffer permanent damage.

After the floor has been cleaned, there are many steps to follow to finish polishing it.

  • If using a liquid sealant, apply it after the first coat of wax is dry.
  • Wait 24 hours before applying a second coat of sealant.
  • Allow the second coat of sealant to dry.
  • Dust mop as before.


In the end, it is your choice as to whether or not you want to maintain your floors. However, we hope this post has given you a better understanding of how vital regular maintenance can be for aesthetics, cost savings, longer service life, and other practical purposes. If you have any questions about our services, flooring materials, or a particular flooring option, please get in touch with us at NWA Concrete Floors so one of our experts will get in touch with you soon!


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