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Polished and Stained Concrete Floors Northwest, AR

Concrete is one of the most reliable surfaces for any kind of flooring needs. In addition to being durable, Concrete Floors in Northwest AR can be designed to blend into any environment. From Stained Concrete in Northwest AR to stamping and polishing, concrete floors can be quite decorative.

Finding a concrete contractor in sophisticated regions such as Northwest Arkansas is never a daunting task. Most clients prefer polished or Stained Concrete Floors in NWA because of their benefits. However, you still need to work with experienced contractors who can guarantee top quality outcome. NWA Concrete Floors is dedicated to providing reliable concrete services including installation, repair, resurfacing, polishing and staining.

Concrete Polishing NWA

Polishing is the process to go for if you need glossy concrete floors that mimic some of the best granite and marble floors. Concrete polishing has become quite popular in both residential homes and commercial applications. It removes any blemishes and imperfections, creating a smooth attractive mirror-like surface that reflects all the light. When handled by expert professionals, you can create the exact gloss level required and complement your interior décor. Polishing concrete does to concrete what wood sanding does to wood.

We do both residential and commercial polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing Process

Achieving a polished concrete floor is relatively easy given the right tools. However, it takes a lot of time and the outcome mostly depends on preparation as well as formwork quality. Polishing is more like painting and heavily relies on preparation. It also requires expert hands to produce high quality results. The steps involved include;

  • 1 Rough grinding. This is the initial process that removes stains, minor pits, light coating and blemishes. It involves using a coarse diamond parts in a metallic matrix and can take 2 -3 phases to prepare the surface for final smoothing. Different grits can be used in this phase starting from 30-grit to 400-grit metal pieces. Rough grinding is all about removing the initial coating. We also cover all joints and repair damaged parts.
  • 2 Fine grinding. Once rough grinding is done, diamond abrasives and polishing disks to lap the surface until the desired sheen is achieved. Our crew will pick fine grit polishing disks depending on the level of gloss you want to achieve. For extremely glossy surfaces, the final grit could be anything from 1200 to 1500.
  • 3 Applying sealant. During polishing, we apply an internal impregnating sealer to increase density and durability. The sealer penetrates and protects your concrete floor from within resulting in harder floors. It also eliminates the need for a topical coating. If you wish, we can apply a commercial polishing compound for more sheen.
  • 4 Polishing basically involves grinding the surface starting with coarse-grit abrasives metals and slowly moving to finer grit. Once grinding is completed, the finer grit metals polish the surface resulting in a smooth finish. Hardener and chemical sealers are also applied during the polishing.

Stained Concrete Floors Northwest Arkansas

Stained concrete offers various advantages compared to other options. Both homeowners and contractors are drawn to stained concrete floors for their durability, easy installation and maintenance, affordability and incredible aesthetics. Staining also broadens your options and takes customization a notch further. We service Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bella Vista and beyond with concrete staining.

Types of Concrete Stains

Concrete staining basically involves using dyes or acid stains to add new properties such as color, resistance and aesthetic appeal. The two main types of stains include Acid Stained & Water-Based Dyes.

Both acid stains and concrete dyes produce magnificent aesthetic when done by professionals. You can create stained floors that do not only look amazing, but also cut down your energy bills. Our goal is to install the best stained concrete in Northwest Arkansas. We handle each project independently to meet client needs through all steps involved.

Acid Stained Concrete

Acid stains are made using a combination of hydrochloric acid, water and metallic salts that can are acid-soluble. The solution penetrates the concrete and reacts with the calcium oxide (hydrated lime) resulting in deep stains.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyes or water stains as they are popularly known, employs the use of pigments and acrylic polymers.

Benefits of Concrete Floors

  • Durable. There’s no doubt concrete floors are the most durable in the market. When properly chosen and installed, concrete floors can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. They can withstand heavy human and equipment traffic, and are the ideal flooring option for garages, entrances and pathways.
  • Affordable. Concrete floors are quite affordable and there are several options to meet any budget. This is partly because concrete is readily available and the also because installation is easy. You will also save more on expenses and maintenance. Unlike other floors, concrete does not call for any routine annual maintenance.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Concrete does not have any negative impact on the environment. They blend into their surrounding and do not include any hazardous chemicals. Concrete production also has a lower impact compared to other flooring.
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Commercial Concrete Floors

Need a commercial flooring contractor for your next project? From 1,000 sq offices or restaurants to 10,000 sq ft storage facilities or retail spaces, our talented team can polish or stain your concrete floors to make your space as attractive as your products. We have the commercial equipment and teams necessary to take on your project quickly and efficiently. Contact us today for a competitive bid.

Decorative Concrete

At NWA Concrete Floors, we customize your concrete slab into a work of art. From customized logos or decals to stone or hardwood effects, we can transform your concrete floors to meet your needs. Commercial or residential, indoor or outdoor, decorative concrete floors are durable and attractive adding value to your home.

Pool Deck Refinishing

Concrete pool decks are very easy to install and maintain, but over the years require resurfacing and re-staining. You can improve the look of your concrete pool decks without having to damage the whole system. We offer high quality pool deck refinishing that will transform any dull looking surface into a fine-art masterpiece. Our goal is to ensure your pool deck is not only durable, but also maintain safety, versatility and aesthetic appeal. NWA is the company to call when looking for the best pool deck installation, repair or refinishing services in Northwest Arkansas.

Concrete Refinishing

Concrete is durable & versatile, but over the years chips and normal wear and tear can leave your floors looking dull and faded. Bring your concrete patios and floors back to life with NWA Concrete Floors. We remove old, faded stains, then polish or texture your concrete for a new bold look. Whether you need commercial or residential refinishing, our experienced team has the skill for your next project.

Why Choose NWA Concrete Floors?

While finding a concrete contractor in Northwest Arkansas is not a problem, choosing a reliable company that can meet your unique needs requires a few considerations. It is recommendable to work with credible reputable contractors known to install the best polished concrete floors in the area. At NWA, we work with clients independently to transform their spaces and create a magnificence that will be revered years to come.

Besides experience, reputation and capacity to deliver, we have a trustworthy team delighted to install the best concrete floor in Arkansas. We are available 24/7 and can be reached for any questions regarding our services. We will help you find and install top quality concrete patios, floors, pathways or decks. We cover residential, commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need refurbishing or new installation, NWA will provide affordable solutions with remarkable outcomes that go beyond your anticipation.

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